Project Planning and Management

Ensuring the Success of Your Architectural Projects


Improving Business Relationships in Project Planning

Donoghue Project Consulting LLC in Pittsburgh, PA aims to enhance business relationships among building owners and their design and construction teams.
To help various professionals in the industry, we provide services that include:

Mission Statement

Our goal is to assure quality in the build environment and add value to our clients’ projects through expertise and experience.

Equipping Building Owners With Important Information

Depend on us to provide you with significant knowledge in the design and construction industry. This will help you create an enhanced working relationship with everyone involved in the project.

Experts in Different Construction Roles

The creation of a building takes careful planning, designing, and understanding of other areas in the field. As a team with combined decades of experience, we’re knowledgeable in the roles of both the building owner and practicing architect.

We bring our expertise to clients without internal facility planners or seasoned architectural project managers. Rely on us to guide you throughout the whole process efficiently and confidently.


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We have filled various roles in overseeing hundreds of successful construction plans. To learn more about Donoghue Project Consulting LLC, contact us today.